Gasabo: Youth undergo Tetanus vaccination before Circumcision operation

02:20 AM 2017

In the collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Rwanda Bio-medical Center (RBC) as well as University of Rwanda and AHF, the Circumcision activities was launched and to be preceeded with double Tetanus vaccination as the one of strategies to reduces HIV/AIDS contamination and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in common at Kabuga in District of Gasabo.

Etienne Hakizimana/AHF Rwanda

Etienne Hakizimana, the coordinator at AHF in charge of prevention says that the program is intended to reduces HIV contamination especially in the youth, as research portrayed that circumcision protect people against HIV contamination on the rate of 60%. “People should go beyond different false assumptions and beliefs, and capture awareness on the extent to which circumcision protect their lives.” Etienne mentioned.

The program has been hampered with some challenges in the start, but they are trying to overcome them, with the new system that use a ring to circumcise as well as increasing awareness. “We have been struggling with people’s understanding, they have been coming in few numbers, and some were not aware of the program, asking how much it cost, and so on... now we are engaging this new system of using a ring, it does not need surgery and we are giving it for free.” He added.

Innocent Habimana/Patient

Innocent Habimana is delighted with this program as he hope to be clean after circumcision. In February 2017,my girlfriend dumbed me when he saw that I am not circumcised and after I decided to be circumcised as it one way to be clean and have chances to be protected against HIV AIDS.

The onslaught of the program was set at Kabuga as the program focuses on the places where youth settlement is on concentration. The first step involves the Vaccination of Tetanus, which should be given twice before executing the final process of circumcision. This is because Tetanus is likely to invade on the people’s body where there is injury, it is the reason why they protect people against Tetanus before circumcision .

247 youth registered for round one for Tetanus vaccination , and second round is in June 2017 as circumcision period is scheduled in July 2017 and later to be expanded in other areas of the country.


Tetanus Vaccination

Prepex circumcision materials


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