Gasabo: What do people say and think after finding out being HIV Positive?

01:40 AM 2017

In the capital city Kigali ,free HIV testing campaigns are going on to help people find their life status. Some found positive and reacts differently after receiving the bad news from the counselor.

During the two days Gasabo expo, there were positives cases and the people reacted indifferently.The counselor of Remera health reveals how positive people say after finding themselves positive.
“One woman was surprised to hear the bad news. She said Oh my God what happened to me. May be I am positive because I had sex with another new married man” The counselor revealed. Other were quite sure with the results because they had unprotected sex and seem no worry.

Youth between the age of 14 to 24 reacts in the regression manner. Some say why did I do this, other start to think who may have infected them, another says I am going to die and after couple of minutes they may say also regretting that oh if I had used condoms, all of this would have never happened to me. The counselor added.

Etienne Hakizimana the AHF Rwanda officer in charge prevention mentions the reduction of HIV positive clients at Gasabo expo during the free testing service. Hakizimana says during this free HIV testing service, we had a small number of HIV positive client such that 8 were positive cases among 199 tested.In addition, the later receive direct counselling feedback from their counselors. We hope AHF Rwanda will increase this free service and reach out many people especially youth and women not only in town but also in rural areas.

AHF Rwanda received a trophy at the Expo Open Day JADF Gasabo District

The testing goes in hand with the pre and post counseling in order to give hope, moral of tomorrow for positive clients as well as being advised to visit regularly the nearer health center to access necessary counseling continually. The expo and AHF Rwanda helped as well people to receive 2850 free condoms.

The Rwanda Economic development and Poverty Reduction Strategy EDPRS 2 which runs from 2013 to 2018 focuses on the education of individuals and families about HIV/AIDS, providing motivation for counseling, distribution of condoms, and making sure that all patients with HIV/AIDS adhere to treatment and support.


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