Chromosomal defect in the eggs of older women lead to fertility problems

04:05 AM 2017

In the research published in the Daily Mail, Scientists says that a biological structure that separates chromosomes in the eggs of older women sends the chromosomes all over the place instead of distributing them evenly to each egg.

The report affirm that normally an egg has 46 chromosomes, and having more than 46 is the cause of down syndrome, while having too few will likely end in miscarriage.

An egg that has more than 46 chromosomes is called an aneuploid egg and eggs are more likely to be aneuploid with age because the “glue” that keeps the chromosomes together works poorly in older eggs.

Finally the report shows that women are born with a fixed number of eggs, which remain dormant in the ovaries until the release of a single egg per menstrual cycle.



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