AHF Rwanda vouchsafed extra fight against AIDS in youth

03:01 AM 2016

AHF (Aids healthcare) is a foundation that intends to alter the lives of people who are HIV/ AIDs positive has pledged to get rid of HIV AIDs especially youths through free HIV test programs, distribution of condom and men circumcision.

In a press conference dubbed Media Breakfast, took place this Thursday at Classic Hotel, in the means of portray AHF achievement as well as the challenges in the whole year of 2016, AHF leaders revealed to media what they have achieved, obstacles as well as upcoming project which directly target the reduction of new HIV infection in youth.

The Country Program Manager Dr Brenda Asiimwe Kateera stated that they have a longtime project that aims at supporting Rwandan people to be tested and get additional support in terms of fighting against HIV/ AIDs by widening the operation areas.
“Currently, we are working in 8 districts, but we are planning to be working in 11 districts so that we can increase the number of people who benefits from our services. The other thing that we will highlight men circumcision as we know it is one of the ways of reducing HIV infection. We target this because Rwanda portrayed a tremendous effort in encouraging men to be circumcised. According to statists on 15% of Rwandan men were circumcised in 2010 but after 5 years in 2015 the numbers reached 30% which is one of the biggest increase in a country that traditionally do not support circumcision”.

Talking about what they have done in this year, Brenda said that 271 912 people were tested HIV in this year and only 575 of them were infected. They have also distributed 1 808 000 condoms.

Nadege Uwase, one of children that were supported by AHF Rwanda since she was in high school, in her testimonial speech articulated how their lives were changed by this organization through different assistances that they could not afford as unable people who live with HIV positive.
“Actually, we consider AHF Rwanda as our parents due to their incredible helps they gave us. They supported as since our childhood as we were little without even possibility. They paid for us medical insurance, transport feeds that we were using when coming and going to hospitals to take medicines and so much more assistances that a people who live with HIV AID can need”.

Etienne Hakizimana in charge of prevention and fighting against AIDS in AHF Rwanda indicated some of the challenges that they face in their everyday activities like peoplewho do not have willingness of being tested, discrimination, as well as disrespect of doctors advise”.

“Some of the difficulties we face are people are fully willing to be tested especially youth, who should on the other hand be courageous to participate in this action as they cover a large part of the population. Again we still experience some cases of discrimination where people who are HIV positive are not considered as normal people. The other thing that decline our efforts is patients that disrespect doctors advise on how they should use drugs which directly impact their lives as well as putting their situation into trouble”.

AHF is a helping foundation started in USA 1987, that works in globally in 38 countries and 10 countries in Africa. They started operating in Rwandan in 2006. Presently, in Rwandan they work with 5 non-government organizations and government itself in diverse programs of fighting against AIDS. AHF also works with 20 health facilities and 23 000 people are on treatment under AHF support.

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