AHF Rwanda reached around 10 thousand young people in spreading HIV preventive messages (Photos/Vidoes)

16:58 PM 2018

Narcisse Nteziryayo in charge of the protection against HIV/AIDS in AHF Rwanda says that they are happy with seeing that a big number of young people coming for a dance and listenng to the message of HIV prevention at the National Street Dance Competition 2018.

While talking to online youth magazine, Nteziryayo Narcisse said that we passed in all four provinces of the country of thousand Hills including the Kigali city and it is good for AHF to see such number of young people coming for entertainment and dancing their style while listening the key messages of HIV prevention, free condom distribution and fighting against early pregnancy as well.In addition young people are aware now of where to find and get AHF Rwanda services.

Nteziryayo says that due to the participation of young people in different corners of the country where they were many, this competition might continue and now they will be able to discuss on how it can happen every year or each semester.

Murenzi Emerito coordinating the National street competition says that in Kayonza we saw around 1000 young people while in other corners came more than 2000 young audinece. In Kigali city , the competition hosted a big number, and they were able to fill the prepared room and ground. There are around 10 thousand young people who have participated in this competition as audience as well as dance teams and each and everyonce was instructed accordingly on how to take care of their life and health..

This first edition of National Street Dance competition which was funded by AHF Rwanda will take end on 17th February 2018. The first team will get an award of one million Rwanda Francs and the HIV prevention messages will be delivered as well at the Lake Kivu beach in Rubavu in Western province near The Republic Democratic of Congo whose audience is expected to join the dance and entertainment ambiance.

Narcisse Nteziryayo from AHF Rwanda speaks to the youth audience

AHF Rwanda representatives at National Street Dance Competition 2018

Miss Kalimpinya exchanges with youth about HIV prevention messages

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