Abayisenga who was born with sickness got a help from Rwandair to go in India for medication

02:27 AM 2018

Pierre Abayisenga Nishimirwe, a child who was born with a heart sickness got a help from Rwandair, a company in charge transportation in Rwanda with a ticket for herto go in India for his medication.

In the month of November 2017 is when the Ministry of Health promised to help in for the medication of this child even though his parents came to miss a ticket to this country after finding this child with this problem of heart.

While going in this country for the medication of this child, Chantal Mukangemanyi, the mother of this child showed that she was pleased and she thanked all of those who contributed for his child to get means that was needed for his medication. She said that she thanked Rwandair, the Press, and all other people who contributed. May god bless them.

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