A woman delivers quadruplets only at the age of 22

04:33 AM 2017

People were surprised to hear that all of the babies are alive and health, normally it’s rare to give birth to 4 babies and all grow together. The girl came first with 1.8 kgs followed respectively by boys with 1.5, 1.7 and 1.7 kgs.

According to Dailynews this young woman is married to Agustino Andrew who is only 25 years. It is said that this family actually used to give birth to more than one baby at once, since for their second delivery this woman gave birth to twins who unfortunately got dead. Now for her third delivery this family has of 5 children from 3 deliveries since for her first delivery this woman gave birth to one baby.

The family said that they are so grateful to give birth to 4 health babies and they are ready to do their best for to rise them health. While people with similar case in Rwanda use to beg for help of the government to rise their kids.


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