A Girl Child Say No to Sex: Celebrating International Day of Girl Child 2017 Kigali (Photos/Video)

16:00 PM 2017

In the event organised by AHF Rwanda in celebrating the international Day of Girl Child 2017 in Kigali, the aim was the HIV Awareness campain in schools especially at at Kagugu primary and secondary school where students gathered and received important key messages in helping the school adolescents so that they protect their health as an important public health priority in AHF Rwanda programs named Youth Integration in HIV prevention.

Increased drug Abuse, Addiction among boys and girls, unprotected sex leading to HIV and STIs infections; and early or unwanted pregnancies are forcing girls to become mothers and boys to become fathers pre-maturely and all of this in the eyes of 3rd runner Miss Rwanda 2017 Miss Queen kalimpinya through the participative approach she discussed together with adolescent audience that attended the celebration day Girl Child 2017.

Miss Rwanda 3rd Runner up Miss Kalimpinya Queen

Miss Kalimpinya said You can find your girl friend in a short time is impregnated and her parents chase her away and she drops out of school as well. Life becomes difficult for her and faces lot challenges after being pregnant. Fellow youth , let us protect us and prevent from HIV AIDS and fight early pregnancy.

Parents, teachers and other adult people are the source of information to educate the young school adolescents and the later have to listen carefully to the parents advices.
Migeprof staff advised the youth to listen to parents the fact that you need to pay attention to your parents advice as well as listening to your teachers and authorities at your school. You need not to listen to people who want to cheat you with free gifts and free rides.

The 2015 All in Assessment report highlighted that young people are scared of the outcome once they opt to go for HIV testing.
The HIV AIDS positive person testified her personal story on how she found how was born positive after testing and advised the students saying at 16 young age I found I was born positive from the doctor. Being positive is not the end of the life and life goes on. If you do not protect yourself, you will be infected with HIV AIDS and becoming pregnant at early age. With the head nods of the students they accepted to protect themselves.
According to DHS (2014-2015), in Rwanda, young people engage early in sex; 34.9% of young males had sex before age 15; 57.0% of young females had sex before age 18 and the worst thing is that among females aged 15 to 24 years old, (5.5%) reported being at least 10 years younger than their partner (BSS 2006).

AHF Rwanda has been working in Rwanda for 10 years in helping the government to tackle health issues among youth and girls in providing HIV preventive messages to youth communities in high risks zone in addition to offering free HIV Testing and condom distributions.

AHF Rwanda Country Director Dr Brenda Kateera

Dr Brenda Kateera the country Director AHF Rwanda encourages youth and girl child to prepare the bright future. She said we thank government of Rwanda in supporting youth especially a girl child. we encourage a girl child to prepare her bright future with emphasis to protect against unwanted pregnancy, HIV Aids and other sexual deseases.

Kigali City Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affar Patricia Muhongerwa

Teenage pregnancies in schools and out of school are increasing, thus requiring innovative thinking and strategies. The Vice Mayor in charge of Kigali City mentioned to school adolescent that No to sex. Say NO to everyone who want to cheat you and run.

To contribute to HIV response strategies; in Partnership with the City of Kigali , AHF Rwanda conducted an awareness campaign of HIV prevention in youth in six selected schools in three districts (Kicukiro, Nyarugenge and Gasabo) in meeting and advise young women and girls between the age of 15 to 24; in addition to those in school young men and boys of the same age.

In 2014, over 3 million young people (ages 15-24) were living with HIV, more than 600,000 became newly infected and AIDS became the leading cause of death among young people. Over 300,000 new HIV infections occur annually. Globally, 15% of all women living with HIV are ages 15-24

Note This year’s theme globally is “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.”Investing in adolescent girls can have a formidable ripple effect to create a better world by 2030. Keep The Promise to #GirlPower.

Event Photos

We Say No To Sex

Entertainment was part of the Agenda

Social Mula Local artist entertained the audience

Oda Paccy The Lady Rapper made her vibes

Miss Queen Kalimpinya

School adolescents exchanged ideas with others

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Highlight video International Day of Girl Child 2017 Kigali celebration

Entertaiment videos
Oda Paccy

Kids dance Social Mula songs

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