1000 young people who were abused by drugs are going to get jobs for their save

03:03 AM 2018

Around 989 young people who were using and selling drugs will end their trainings in different arts in this February and get jobs. These young people in the school of arts of Iwawa will end their trainings this 9th February 2018.

The deputy mayor of the town of Kigali Patricia Muhingerwa tells The New Times that this is in the project of fighting against drugs.
In these young people, there are 800 from the town of Kigali, and they are checking if all of them are from this town or in other sides of the country. Those who have rich families will help them to get jobs in the arts they studied.

Mohongerwa said that those who don’t have their families or those from poor families will be helped to get jobs. The spokesman of the police CP Theos Badege says that this doesn’t help in fighting against drugs only but also help to bring in a good life for those who were abused by drugs.

Today, the government of Rwanda gives Rwf 70 million per month in helping around 3800 young people in the school of arts of Iwawa.

From 2012, 12,228 young people who were abused by drugs between the ages of 18 and 35 passed in different schools to learn about a good culture, and more than 90% of them are well and now, they are working to gain their lives

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