Mystery behind Flowers

11:24 AM 2016

That instance felt like she was flying when he gave the flowers to her in front of everybody. The time you feel released, defying all laws of gravity. It feels like all lights were pointed towards you. These flower express mysteries we cannot fully communicate across with I love you, am sorry, your special to me or any other endearment to someone special you.

You realize a rose in your hands from your beloved one(s) the best you can do next is nothing other than having it put in a vase for some moments she has to feel.
The scent is good, like hearing a million words without a(flower) givers’ word. In response a smile comes out and invites you with an emotional baffle ;thank you, am sorry, I love you and sense of unity and reconciliation are easily shown when flowers are handed over to them as Victor Hugo suggests,

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey”
To add icing on a cake, colour expresses feelings one has for you. Red flowers talks about beauty and courage, white flowers shows purity, innocence and youthfulness, yellow flowers are for joy and welcoming , orange flowers are simply desire , blue flowers goes for impossible and last but not least green flowers represent nature and well living.

Knowing that cleanliness is best for women, giving flowers is making them happy since close to their likes and in most cases you stay in their mind as well as few men too in terms of their honor.


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