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Youth to relish free internet at YEGO Center (Maison de Jeunes Kimisagara)

17:12 PM 2015

As the world has become a village via internet, and Rwanda is one of the best countries that favor technology Kimisagara youth employment initiated an exhilarating occasion to all youths who might reach this place to spontaneously access the internet Wi-Fi connection.

This internet will help student to be aware of worldwide news and information.

Mugabo Eugene is one of the neighboring people of Kimisagara youth center. He told us that he knew it yesterday but he felt happy as it will enable him to achieve many things. “It is very obvious that internet intervenes positively in the development of the country as it easier communication, Internet also contributes a lot in human development especially being updated and aware of worldwide information” Eugene demonstrated.

youths at kimisagara enjoying the free internet.

Kimisagara youth center is calling upon all youths who can straightforwardly reach the area to come and enjoy the opportunity particularly during the different celebrations of year closure taking place at the moment. The Internet plays a big role in the lives of adults and teenagers alike. David Thelen the professor at Michigan University said that Teenagers are starting to use the Internet in a myriad of ways, which range from doing schoolwork to transporting themselves halfway around the world. As long as the need for getting quick, in-depth information is still there, the need for the Internet will also be strong


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