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Renewed call for drivers to respect traffic rules

00:40 AM 2016

The vehicle driven by one Augustin Munyaneza, said to be the owner, had removed all the seats in the car to create space for loading different items, an act Police says is both contrary to its usage per its licence, and a violation of traffic rules and regulations. Under normal circumstances, minibuses are licensed to carry people not goods and indeed that is the case for his vehicle. Munyaneza, who admitted that he knew from start of the traffic offences he was breaching, pleaded for leniency.

“I bought the minibus a month ago but I only started using it for business last week; I’ve been carrying foodstuff from Rwamagana to Kigali; mostly people hire me to transport their items but I know that the vehicle is not licensed to do that; I clearly understand that such violation of traffic rules can lead to problems including accidents,” said Munyaneza. At the time of interception, the vehicle also had four people on board, all seated in the front sit, which is also another traffic offence of over-loading.

One of the occupants identified as Eric Gahutu, the owner of the banana valued at Rwf210, 000., had hired Munyaneza to transport it to Kigali. Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa said that the vehicle was intercepted and impounded for “gross violation of traffic rules, an act that would put road users at risk including the 4 passengers on board.”

“We are calling upon owners of vehicles and drivers to avoid such malpractices as means to prevent likely accidents they bring along. Vehicles must serve the purpose as per the issued license and going beyond that you will be breaching road safety standards, which can’t be allowed,” ACP Twahirwa said. “We have intensified measures to ensure road safety and indeed it’s clear that this vehicle has all papers for public transportation but Munyaneza decided to use it for something that it is not licensed for,ignoring the type of transport authorization he got from RURA” said the Police Spokesperson.

He further advised vehicle owners to always ensure they know the kind of operations their drivers are involved in adding that in some cases owners get to know the unlawful activities the driver is involved in after their vehicles are impounded.
He further called upon the public to be cautious and report such traffic offenders by providing timely information through the use of toll free numbers; 112 and 113 or 0788311502 for quick response.


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