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Kamonyi intensifies campaign against human trafficking

17:12 PM 2016

The campaign, which is part of the Rwanda National Police anti-crime programmes, intends to raise the understanding of the students and the youth in general, the most targeted, on how the human trafficking is conducted and the consequences involved, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marcel Kalisa, the District Police Commander of Kamonyi, said.

On March 17, CIP Kalisa lectured about 300 students of Institut Secondaire d’Education Technique et Artistique de Runda (ISETAR) and enlightened them about modes of human trafficking, how it is done and its effects. “Normally, traffickers pose as well-wishers who have a lot to offer; at times they take advantage of one’s vulnerability and play around one’s desires to lure them into belief that they have a lot to offer them,” CIP Kalisa told the students at their school in Ruyenzi Sector.

“Students are sometimes promised scholarships while graduates are sometimes made to believe that they would get good jobs abroad,” he added.
He told students to be on alert at all times and report strangers and even other people who are close, who tend to make them keep such ghost promises to themselves, adding that it is one way of ensuring that their target remains blinded from knowing the truth if they shared the information with anyone else.

“Why would you believe such a person, who doesn’t even want you to tell anyone about the offer? Why don’t you first wonder why all of the sudden a stranger is interested in doing favors for you? This is why you should always keep alert.”
Seven victims of human trafficking, including those from neighbouring countries trying to use Rwandan routes, have been rescued in the last two years. Part of the resolutions of the 13 leadership retreat that ended on March 13 was to encourage all government institutions to ensure they intensify awareness against human trafficking and stamp it out completely.

“Not only young people are trafficked, even adults are sometimes trafficked; we have not experienced a lot of human trafficking cases in Rwanda but we are just putting up preventive measures by engaging you the youth in fighting it,” he noted.
One of the students, Alex Seminega, appreciated the knowledge and said that much of what they learnt would help them not to be victims and to report those that approach them with strange offers. The school director, Caldephore Nkikabahizi thanked the police for the message delivered to the students and pointed out that, as stakeholders they will continue sensitizing students against the vice.


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