Ypard celebrated the 10th year anniversary with cutting a cake in Rwanda

06:02 AM 2016

Wednesday June 15 th 2016 has been a special day for Ypard Global and Ypard
Rwanda in particular. Ypard Rwanda members were honored to cut the cake of the 10th year anniversary of Ypard existence.

In the evening that followed the African Agriculture Incubation Network programs at Kigali conference and Exhibition Center, all Ypard members from different countries such as Kenya,Zimbabwe, Senegal, Burkina Faso,Malawi and all around Africa were gathered together to taste the cake.

The ceremony was honored by the Uganda former representative and mentor, Ms. Anke Weisheit. In her African style, she was happy to be among Rwandan Ypard members and shared her remarks with happiness and proudness that she deserves for Ypard Rwanda in particular. In the house, it was not only about the anniversary celebration, but also the celebration of the youth success. In fact, the day has been more of success and celebration of the achievement of young people and members of Ypard Rwanda.

The best example is that the cake dedicated to the Ypard 10 th Anniversary was made in sweet potatoes by a young gentleman, member of Ypard Rwanda. Ms Anke stated that “it is not only about the anniversary, but also the celebration of the youth achievement.” She added that young people are the ones to create wealth through agriculture, and Ypard is the most relevant network to pass through. For her, the best thing is to network. “Meeting in big conferences and listen to different speeches may be boring, or simply may not make sense to you but networking is the best thing you need to do in such meetings”, she said.

After her remarks, the cake was cut by two young ladies and entrepreneurs of Gashora Girls Academy who had just won an award of $5000 from AAIN for their involvement in the agribusiness. Jean Claude, the country Representative asked them if they were both Ypard members Sandrine—only 17 year old—replied quickly and confidently: “We are ones from now on.” On those beautiful words, they were honored to cut the big potato cake.

The celebration was followed by a song from a Senegal Representative, a song that amazed everyone with an incredible dance.

Note that the celebration of Ypard 10 year anniversary was launched in January and all the members all around the world were called to join the celebration by cutting the cake in their respective countries, and share videos to the rest of the worldwide Ypard members.

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