Youth to occupy a great part of voters in Presidential election

10:31 AM 2017

During the national journalists training know as Itorero, NEC Executive Secretary Charles Munyaneza revealed that youth is the majority of voters in this year’s presidential election.

According to Munyaneza stated statistics 1.7 million out of the 6.8 million registered voters will be voting for the first time and 54 percent of voters are female. He also added that 98 percent of the budget to spend in 2017 elections will be provided by the government.

Figures show that 3.9 million people voted in 2003, the number increased to 5.1 million people in 2010 and this year, the number will rise to 6.8 million. In 2003 the presidential election cost Rwf2.3bn, in 2010, the cost rose to Rwf7.3bn while this year the cost reduced to Rwf5.2bn.

Regarding polling stations and centers, there were 1,882 polling centers and 11,545 polling stations in 2003 , in 2010 they increased to 2,107 polling centers and 15, 504 polling stations and this year they will be 2,249 polling centers and 16,642 polling stations.

Src: The New Times.


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