Youth reminded to deliver their own contribution in tackling Genocide ideology

09:37 AM 2017

Fidele Ndayisaba fomer Kigali city mayor who is now the executive secretary of national Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) said that Rwanda have duties of getting rid of those who need to put the country back as many Rwandans affirm that remembering contribute to their reconciliation.

“It is our duties to avoid those who want to discourage our development, more than 95 of Rwandan people believe that remembering Genocide helps them in terms of reconciliation as well as healing wounds. We can’t change our history but it is our full responsibility to sustain our achievements” Ndayisaba insisted.

The Ambassador of Sweden in Rwanda Jenny Ohlsson said that Rwandan youth have duties of rebuilding the future of the country.
“The Youth in Rwanda today have full responsibility of rebuilding the country’ future as they learn from their past. Commemorating is a tool of evading divisionism and genocide ideology and All of us have a part to play in keeping memories alive” Ambassador of Sweeden expressed.

Rwanda is keen to youth as the future Image of the country. According to Rwanda demographic profile of last year 2016, population of Rwanda who are below 24 cover 60.2% which means that youth need to do a lot to make sure that genocide ideology is completed uprooted.
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