Varsity students in Gicumbi in crime prevention awareness

02:46 AM 2016

Emmanuel Nganeyezu, the team leader of the organization members in the Gicumbi-based University, said during their meeting on February 10 that they made a general decision to put much emphasis on crime prevention focusing on common and high impact crimes like human trafficking, drug abuse and gender based violence.

Jean Bosco Mutangana, the President of the organization, recently said that the group which currently has about 17, 000 members including students in secondary and higher institutions of learning, and teachers, targets to have all students on board by April this year, and to have representatives down to the Village level, a move he said will make great impact in raising anti-crime awareness at all levels.

“The role of this organization is to have an impact in the general security status in our country, but also looking at the welfare of the people, so we have to walk the rhythm, be more innovative in our awareness campaigns to ensure that people understand a language of prevention rather than fighting a crime,” Nganeyezu told fellow crime preventers.

Alphonse Sabano, who’s in charge of discipline, urged the students to exhibit high level of discipline, live and act exemplary, honest and uphold Rwandan values.
Inspector of Police (IP) Alphonse Kayonga, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) for Gicumbi, who also attended the meeting, commended the impact of the youth crime preventers’ organization.

He noted that by putting much emphasis on crime prevention awareness, especially on high impact crimes like human and drug trafficking, and GBV, through increased awareness, no doubt the level of crime will go down tremendously.

IP Kayonga took time to enlighten the students on how crimes like trafficking in human beings is done through deceit, manipulation and empty promises of better jobs and schools abroad where they end up into modern-day slavery in exploitative activities like hard labour and girls sexually abused.



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