Two Police Constables arrested for taking bribe

10:49 AM 2016

During the process of arrested, a thorough body search was conducted on the two officers and they were found with over Rwf20, 000 each which they could not justify the source. Staff of Traffic and Road Safety Department ensure security on roads countrywide 24hours, seven days a week which requires, discipline, dedication, commitment and customer care; this is why there is constant inspections day and night to oversee their performance.

“The Policy in Rwanda National Police is zero tolerance to corruption and related malpractices this being the reason why the suspects are expect to be prosecuted and dismissed from the police. Previously we arrested a number of officers involved in corruption and their cases were processed,” says the Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa. Records from police indicate that since 2013, over 100 officers were arrested in graft related cases; a bigger percentage of them were dismissed from police.

Also, close to 400 civilians were arrested in the same time frame over corruption related charges and their cases were submitted to prosecution. The Police spokesperson emphasized that “RNP will remain on the forefront to fight corruption and to effectively achieve this it has established units charged with, anti-corruption, Police Disciplinary Unit as well as Public Fund Embezzlement unit.” “We request the general public to report any kind of bribery they may come across or suspect by calling on our toll free lines; 997 for corruption or bribery related issues, and 3511 for any police abuse,” says the ACP Twahirwa.


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