Twitter suspended 660,000 accounts over terorism

07:24 AM 2017

In the announcement published on this Tuesday, as it always does in its twice-annual transparency report, Twitter said it received many requests from the government and other legal entities to police content from its platform.

Over 376,890 accounts have been suspended for posting terrorism-related content, and only two percent of them were the result of government requests to remove data.
As per to CNN, Twitter said 74% of extremist accounts were found by internal, proprietary spam-fighting tools.

In 2016 only Twitter that is used by over 300 Million, suspended 376 890 accounts. According to Reuters, Twitter has been receiving many people’s applicants telling them to delete information posted on the renown journalists and media houses account.

Currently, Twitter has already received 88 applicants, but it has not yet started doing something about them. Twitter was established in 2006, and it is the 16th most visited online platform (website) in the world.


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