Students in Rubavu challenged to revamp anti-crime clubs

02:26 AM 2016

The District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Inspector of Police (IP) Solange Nyiraneza made the call on February 15 while addressing students of Group Scolaire Complexe de la Fraternity in Rubavu.

She noted that these clubs have been significant in some schools where active student members have played a vital part in promoting the culture of reinforcing the awareness against drug abuse and human trafficking especially in their respective schools.

The meeting held at the school in Nengo Sector and attended by the teaching staff.
“A person who consumes drugs has no control of his or her actions and that’s how young people end up dropping out of school, indulging in sexual immoralities that lead to either contacting sexual Transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. This is how young people’s future is lost,” IP Nyiraneza said.
She further noted that, frequent consumption of narcotic drugs may lead students to lose focus in schooling activities.

She called upon the students to always share timely information with their teachers if any of their colleagues is suspected of engaging in drug abuse or people that attempts to lure them into selling or consuming narcotics.
She went on to enlighten them on how human trafficking is carried out today adding that girls are the majority targeted through deceit with empty promises for their selfish ends.

The school headmaster, Valentin Munana thanked Rwanda National Police for the rich, educative and blending message that guides students.
The school, he said, will support the students’ anti-Crime club to lead the campaign against drug abuse and trafficking in person within the school.



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