South Sudan is almost to become a full member of NCIP

06:14 AM 2016

According the New times our primary source, this was pointed out by Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba, the Chief of Defence Staff, on Friday at the end of a three-day joint session of experts who met in Kigali to, among others; consider accession procedures for the mutual defence, peace and security pacts of countries in the initiative.

The 12th NCIP Heads of State Summit held in Kigali last December directed that Rwanda convenes a joint meeting of foreign affairs, defence and peace and security dockets before January 16, 2016, to consider: accession procedures for the mutual defence and mutual peace and security pacts; a comprehensive conflict and dispute resolution mechanism; and a mechanism coordinating foreign affairs, defence and peace and security.

The next NCIP Summit is set to be held in Kampala, most likely at a date after the presidential elections in Uganda and, is likely to decide on South Sudan’s full membership. “It is time for us to be recognized now as full members so that we meet our obligations. That’s our position now. We should be among you. It’s time we are fully recognized,” the South Sudan official told the meeting before yesterday.

Source: The New Times.


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