Rutsiro: Some people cultivate vegetables to show to leaders instead of giving them to their children

03:28 AM 2018

The leaders in charge of the Project “USAID Gimbuka” in partnership with Caritas in ending hunger and providing a good education in the district of Rutsiro say that the mentalities of some parents are a problem in feeding children as there are some who cultivate vegetables which they don’t cook.
This project which is in the sectors of Gihango and Mushubati in the project of fighting against hunger, its leaders say that they still have low minds in using the food that they already have.

Rurangirwa Augustin in charge of children in terms of feeding them said that the problem of mentalities is a big issue as there are some parents whom they teach how to prepare food and don’t want to do so. For eating vegetables as an example, there are some people who cultivate them and let them their instead of eating them as they want to show them to leaders.

However, some of the people of the sector of Gihango say that the problem that they have is that they don’t get enough vegetables and miss what to eat.
The secretary in the sector of GihangoMwenedata Jean Pierre says that to solve this problem of mentality, they work hand in hand with different non-governmental organizations to address this problem of hunger.

Mwenedata says that, last year, in his sector there were 36 children who had the problem of nutrition, but they were treated. Now, only 10 children have this problem of malnutrition.

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