Misunderstanding caused by increase of transport prices

18:38 PM 2015

In these days the transport agencies travel people around Kigali have increases the prices of transport, but this has brought many confusion among the passengers. These changes were actually not known by all the passengers which means that they didn’t advertise about them.

In Rwanda we have three companies which do their transport around Kigali which are: Rwanda Federation of transport cooperation (RFTC), Kigali Bus Services (KBS) and Royal Express. All these companies have raised the price for journeys in addition way to the normal price. As it was said by one of the people in charge of calling passengers. A named Paul said that they changed the prices because they are going to bring Wi-Fi internet in the bus.

According to the reactions from passengers most of them were claiming that they have added much money. Additionally they didn’t announce these changes for enough before they implement the decision. They just did it for a few days.

In talk with one driver form RFTC, he said that they did their best to communicate to passengers while traveling with them but there are others who didn’t know about the changes. Some were not informed to the changes and they were coming with the usual amount fortunately they couldn’t be allowed to enter the bus. When asked about what they think about those ones who do not use Wi-Fi and there is nothing else to tell them because there is not increase of petroleum and he failed to respond to those question.

Niyitanga Eugene


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