Kigali: The best gift of St Valentine day to couple lovers is Condoms (Video)

06:24 AM 2016

Throughout the show Zirara Zubakwa of Radio presenter Vestine Dusabe which airs on Flash Fm and AHF Rwanda an institution that focuses on prevention of HIV ; both parties organized St Valentine day to host the couple lovers in order to give them the chance to hang out together, share joy as couple and celebrate the day together. Each couple was awarded love flowers and condoms.

Vestine Dusabe

Vestine Dusabe spoke to that this event happens every year and today is the day of couple lovers and many times either husband or wife and girlfriend with boyfriend do not have enough time to hang out together and enjoy each other outing and sometimes one can cheat or hang out alone or with others without his or her partner , and we thought about creating such event so that they come as couple, enjoy and share happiness together and we teach them how to sustain it through games so that they can know each other better. She added that condoms given to them show that they can protect themsleves when needed.

Speaking with AHF Rwanda representative in charge of prevention Hakizimana Etienne said the message today is to remind couple that St Valentine day is not to drive people in adultery which can lead into being infected by HIV or other disease. Each couple received flowers and condoms. These couples can use them when necessary and even protect themselves from HIV, avoid unnecessary diseases and pregnancy. Flowers stand for their love and condom is to be used in case for the sake of self-protection mainly HIV AIDS and other diseases that can totally destroy family and couple long term relationships.

The day marked the love of couples in dancing, sharing gifts, drinks and cakes. The couples played games whereby a husband or a wife had to identify and find out his /her partner through the long line of men and women by touching their hands and exactly point out his or her partner.

Video summary of the event


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