International Condom Day 2016: Youth urged to use condoms to prevent from HIV

19:06 PM 2016

The mix of dances, drama, sketches and comedy entertained the audience aiming at encouraging young people to protect themselves against sexuality or involve in HIV testing, condom usage when needed as well as accessing to free voluntary male circumcision services using non-surgical methods (Prepex). The session conducted by Vestine radio presenter helped the youth to testify their involvement in HIV AIDS prevention.

In his remarks the AHF Rwanda Interim Country Director Leonard said there is 98 percent of chances to prevent from HIV by using condom and young people and adults are encouraged to protect themselves by abstinence or use condoms because it reduces chances to be attacked by HIV, it reduces pregnancy to young girls, involve in testing and do circumcision at nearer hospitals and health centers. Hence zero infection is utterly sustained.

In charge of prevention at AHF Rwanda Hakizimana Etienne explained that there is 3 percent of people infected by HIV in Rwanda and there is the fight to reduce up to zero infection. From 2 to 5 million of condoms are imported and being distributed for free to people especially youth. He added

The awards of cash were awarded to best drama and sketches teams and condoms were distributed to every attendant.


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