Huye: UR students and partners lighted the candle to end AIDS together

04:31 AM 2017

21st May 2017 marks the day of international candle light memorial day to remember those who died from HIV AIDS and the students from University of Rwanda named RVCP and Medsar with their partners helped people to get HIV free testing and providing some donations in Huye District the South of Rwanda .

Prof. Philip Cotton/UR Vice Chancellor

The vice chancellor of University of Rwanda Prof. Philip Cotton was delighted to see the work of his students in developing the health department for extra curriculum activities. He said What we see today is the enthusiasm and commitment of the students .it is fantastic to see them working together in developing the sector of Health at the university and national level as well.

Mashaya/RVCP UR Huye

Mashyaka a university student and RVCP project coordinator mentioned that the project impacted the lives of people sustainably. He noted this project helped people around one thousand to get free HIV testing donated from our partner AHF Rwanda and we have also donated 4 goats and clothes to vulnerable widows. This initiative would not have happened without support from partners and today we are happy to light the candle to remember those who died from HIV AIDS .As young people it is a good lesson to start now, be carefull and end AIDS together.

John Hakizimana /AHF Rwanda

John Hakizimana representing AHF Rwanda stated the continous support towards students initiatives is key to raise awareness and fight HIV AIDS among youth. As AHF Rwanda , we thank students who took this initiative in contributing to fight and end HIV AIDS. We will continue to support your initiatives . John Mentioned.
Two women HIV positive testified how actually their life is full of hope, resilience as they take their pills regularly as well as advising youth to abstain, protect themselves or use condom in case as it is the best way to end AIDS.

The entire week project in helping people access free HIV testing reached the areas of Sovu, Rwabuye as well as Bus Station Huye in Huye Ditrict ,southern Province of Rwanda.

Other Pictures

Goats and clothers were donated to vulnerable widows

Free HIV Testing services

RVCP and Medsar students UR campus

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