Huye: A reminder to youth that you cannot to work toward becoming a hero when you are old

03:04 AM 2018

The mayor of the district of Huye Eugene Makuza Kayiranga says that you cannot work to become a hero when you are old, and that youth should work to become heroes.

He says this while celebrating the national day dedicated to heroes on this February 1st, 2018.
Some of the parents who got medals as heroes say that young people should have a good heart to act as heroes.
Eugene Makuza Kayiranga, the mayor of this district focuses on the education that parents need to give their children for them to become heroes as it is a good idea to do so still young.

He says it is not possible to work toward being a hero when you are old. It is good to do acts of kindness to be hero while you are still young having the energy. They should also know that the children known as “Abana b’inyange” were young like them and work to become heroes like them.

The mayor added that parents should preach a good culture to give an example to their children which will help them to grow with the will of becoming heroes.
On the day of heroes, great personalities from 16 different sectors got medals and certificates to thank them for acts of kindness they did including protecting others in genocide and helping orphans from the genocide of Tutsi in 1994.

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