Gisagara women in anti-Gender based and Domestic Violence drive

06:41 AM 2016

​The call was made this week in a meeting that drew over 70 women representivies from different cooperatives in Kibirizi sector where the District Community Liaison Officer Inspector of Police (IP) Chantal Uwambaje tutored them on dangers of GBV, domestic violence and child abuse to both the victims and the societies they live in.
IP Uwambaje pointed out that a victim of gender based violence can be a man or a woman although women constitutes the biggest percentage of victims.
GBV, she said, has devastating consequences.

“GBV has significant impact at the individual level, with victims suffering from physical and mental effects, loss of earnings and increased healthcare costs.”
“It also has a wider societal negative impact, including lower productivity and thus reduced economic output and growth, and increased pressure on social and health services,” she added.

She, however, pointed out that Rwanda is performing well in addressing concerns related to GBV and as a result the country remains a reference point whenever referring to success stories of women empowerment. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2015, Rwanda was ranked sixth in closing gender gaps in the world.

“But this doesn’t mean we have to sit back, actually this poses a big challenge to us, we want to eliminate this vice from our societies and we can only do that through collaborative efforts,” IP Uwambaje told the women.Statistics from Rwanda National Police show that cases of gender based violence have declined. Defilement cases, for example, reduced to about 750 last year down from 1433 cases handled by police in 2014.

The positive trend is attributed to Rwanda’s determination to eradicate any form of gender based violence and child abuse through all means possible including sensitization and enforcement measures to ensure effective implementation.
Among such measures is the Isange One Stop Centre, a specialized referral centre where survivors of gender based violence are rehabilitated and given free medical, psycho-socio and legal services.

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