Bugesera cyclists reminded to abide by road safety regulations

15:32 PM 2016


The message was delivered on January 11 when over 120 cyclists from Mayange and Nyamata sectors convened to discusses ways of improving traffic and road safety and general crime prevention mechanisms.
Addressing the cyclists, the in-charge of traffic and road safety in Bugesera, Inspector of Police (IP) Janvier Renzaho reminded them to understand the significance of road safety, take some time to learn about traffic laws because they apply to them as well like any other road user.
“Cyclists are entitled to similar road safety measures like other road users, so they should not assume that road signs do not apply to them,” IP Renzaho said.

“Cyclists can make themselves safer and respected by being competent and riding on allocated lanes but not on pedestrian pathways or in the middle of road. You should also use headlights and reflectors at night and follow other traffic rules and laws as motorists and vehicles.”
The District Community Liaison Officer, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Cyprien Uwitonze told cyclists that, “Your services are accessed by many people, this is why you should take a lead in crime prevention by being vigilant in reporting anything suspicious… when doing your business you should as well know the people and the luggage that you carry and whenever you encounter anything suspicious report to the police immediately,” said Uwitonze.

Uwitonze also urged cyclists to take a lead in fighting against gender based violence and any form of abuse.
The head of the cyclists association in Nyamata town Janvier Nzanwayimana commended police for reaching out to their sphere, and urged fellow cyclists to follow the advice and be proactive partners in crime prevention.
“Some cyclists witness bad driving, crimes in progress, or are sometimes exploited by criminals such as burglars and transporters of illicit drugs. A patriotic and good cyclist should always be willing to cooperate with police by providing timely information whenever they experience such occurrences, so that their role in crime prevention is documented,” Nzanwayimana said.

Source/ RNP


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