Anti-drug abuse campaign continues in schools

04:52 AM 2016

In his address to the student, the District Community Liaison Officer, Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Athanase Niyonagira told them to “never consume illegal substances” noting that it’s both a crime and a major factor to bad habits especially among the youth, the most abusers of drugs.
“Addict students always have a bad ending like dropping out of school and enrolling in other crimes like theft and fueling conflicts in their families and communities,” said AIP Niyonagira

Citing some cases where some students in the districts have ended up abandoning school under the influence of drugs, he urged them to report anyone that consumes, sells or attempts to lure them into using or selling such psychotropic substances.
He went on to tell the students that some cases of unwanted pregnancies among young girls are related to drug consumption, which puts them at risk of contracting sexual transmitted diseases.

Ernestine Niyobuhungiro, one of the students, called upon fellow students to heed to the message and concentrate on their studies and developing their talents instead of joining gangs that introduce them into dangerous drugs.
“Many young people are subject to peer pressure and influence from bad elements in society. However, the choice is ours to make and we should be responsible enough to say no to drug abuse,” Niyobuhungiro said.

He also pledged to always work with police through the provision of timely information whenever elements of drug abuse show up at school and in the communities.

Rwanda National Police engages in community awareness programmes to engage the general populations in ensuring their own security through community policing, thus, hundreds of anti-crime clubs have been formed in schools, close to 200,000 members of community policing committees and about 14, 000 youth organized under the umbrella organization – Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Crime Prevention Organization.



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