What did African youth knowledgeably learn from Rwanda?

00:51 AM 2016

As per to the website of National Unity and reconciliation commission, the group has visited many different areas as well as NUR itself. In their visit to National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) they learned more about Governance strategies to promote Unity and Reconciliation in Rwanda.

African youths following Ag. ES/NURC presentation.

These young people most of them were University students and young professionals of the Peace-Building Institute, a platform created by Never again Rwanda through its Peace Building program aiming at bringing together Rwandan, Regional and International university students as well as young professionals to examine the reconstruction efforts in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.
“It’s your time to transform Africa, and your respective countries… and build new histories of our countries; and never say you are young to do it, nor you are one to do it, you are the new hope of Africa. Rwanda’s achievements are the results of its youth’s commitment and efforts and the political will as well.” Mr. Johnson MUGAGA, Ag. Executive Secretary of NURC addressing these young Africans.
These youths are representatives of Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, the host country.


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