7000 students join youth crime preventer’s organization

00:50 AM 2016

About 7000 students have joined Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing, an umbrella of university and secondary school students that campaigns for positive change and sustainable security.
Jean Bosco Mutangana, the President of the organization, said that all the new members are senior six leavers from 15 districts, who are currently attending Itorero – civic education.

“There’s a big turn up of the youth joining the organization and our target is to have all students in all higher institutions of learning and secondary schools becoming members, which will make it more successful and achieving in the shortest time possible,” said Mutangana.

“We are likely to have a similar or close number of new members from other 15 districts. We have a target of having all students on board by April, and to have representatives down to the Village level,” he added.
The new members brings the number of youth volunteers to about 17, 000.
The organisation was created in 2013 by the Rwandan youth from universities to front for positive change in the country’s security and development agenda.

“Our vision is to contribute voluntarily in the country’s socio-economic activities with view of promoting self reliance and have a crime free society, but that can be achieved when we participate actively in government programmes and upholding dignity, patriotism, unity and security,” he noted.

Since the establishment of youth volunteers in Community Policing, their contribution in policing has been very immense.


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