World Bank President cherished Kigali first IT innovation Hub (Klab)

10:28 AM 2017

Accompanied by Ambassador Claver Gatete the current minister of finance and economic planning and Jean Philbert Nsengimana the minister of youth and ICT, World bank President was shared how KLab works, its historical background as well as some of the successful project that started at KLab.

Honorable Minister Jean Philbert Nsengimana who gave more explanations about Klab said that it started in 2012 as a favorable place where Tech innovators would come and get free space and free internet. He added that in the last 5 years more than 60 companies graduated from there and are doing business in Rwanda and even outside the country.

One of the entrepreneurs who presented his project to world bank president, Niyotwagira Jean is the founder of "TorQue Limited" a software company said that he was happy about the way Kim Jim understood their project and some advice he gave them.
" We have currently a software that helps small , medium and big businessmen in terms of recording their daily activities which helps them to get a quick report at the end of the month rather than using note books. We are very happy for the way World bank President understood our project, questions he asked and constructive advice he gave us, we started at KLab but now we have made a tremendous progress".

KLab (knowledge Lab) is a unique open technology hub in Kigali where students, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs, and innovators come to work on their ideas/projects to turn them into viable business models that stared in 2012. Its community is also made of experienced mentors who provide both technical and business assistance to needy members. KLab also host events, workshops, bootcamp, hackathons and networking sessions to promote collaboration/partnerships, investment and financing. KLab’s mission is to promote, facilitate and support the development of innovative ICT solutions by nurturing a vivid community of entrepreneurs and mentors.

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