The world’s cheapest smart phone excited Rwandans

14:41 PM 2016

As per to the New times, The Android-run device costs $3.66 (less than Rwf3,000) each. Didier Nkurikiyimfura, the director general for ICT at the Ministry of Youth and ICT, said it could play a significant role in deepening connectivity across the world.

“We believe the increase in technology innovations will accelerate smartphone penetrations in the country. Affordability is the key to connectivity and access to information,” he uttered. Louis Muhire, an IT entrepreneur, said: “Any drop in prices for technological items is good news for the world, either economically and socially, since it boosts development in the journey toward a knowledge-based economy.”

He added that there are many services that are only delivered on smartphones. “The more the people with access to smartphones, the more the potential clients for businesses,” he insisted. Muhire, however, called for caution, arguing that the same company launched a cheapest tablet in 2010 and never delivered.


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