Rwanda IT firm Medmasoft set to sell in Nigeria and Ethiopia

13:47 PM 2016

Medmasoft, a Rwandan technological company dealing in ICT products, is embracing its destine opening the market abroad, Ethiopia and Nigeria. The company already signed the contract with a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Ethiopia. The company goes with the name of Amhara. And the contract is composed of how to distribute products there.

Herve Rutagengwa Gabiro, the leader of Medmasoft, said that the collaboration with Ethiopian companies is rooted in the festival he recently attended in that country.”I was impressed by the way what I do took many people’s fancies in Ethiopia. And many called me upon to open there; I signed over 6 contracts there which is very encouraging.” Said Rutagengwa.

Medmasoft is a Rwandan youth created company, which has been putting up many services like Ireme smart, which help in managing schools, and Inka track, which help to look after cows and other domestic animals. All of these are based on ICT which is the main key to youth development.

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