More than one million people daily read about FARA! FARA Rwanda youth social media Team success

05:56 AM 2016

Rwanda hosted the international Agriculture conference named the 7th Africa Agriculture Science Week and FARA Assembly from 13 to 16 June 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda .The 20 young Rwandan social media team in addition to other social reporters from other countries such as Mali; Cameroun, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Nigeria; Guinee; DRC; their hard work reached more than one million people who read about the conference every day.

More than 10 years in social media reporting career, Peter Casier trained the young enthusiastic social media reporters to prepare them the onsite reporting and at the end of the conference, he said to the reporters that this is Not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning!. Social media reporting is our daily life, you can keep practice and practice. This is an amazing news that FARA event reached more than million twitter accounts every day since the start of the FARA conference. This is a great success to you all. You have now the potentials, skills and strategies to report LIVE and bring success to any event in Rwanda all over the world. SM mentor Peter added.

The final statistics highlight that within 4 days in total, around 4 million people all over the world read about FARA event via live updates in social media and blogs.

Clet Iyamenye SMR

Speaking with Yeejo.rw , one of the Rwanda young social reporter Clet Iyamenye said I personally experienced the power of social media to advocate for change! Technology is there for us but we have to be able to valorize it for the betterment of our world. The later revealed the secret behind added reaching millions of reach everyday that I hope there is no other secret than being passionate about the use of social media for development .This was coupled with commitment in whatever I am engaged in personally !!! we have an amazing team which is passionate about social media use and strategies to reach big audience and all of us together we committed to reaching many as we can.

SM reporter Helene Uzayisenga mentioned that having the commitment in social media was the key, having other online members supported the onsite ones as well as we have good mentors and trainers who follow our daily performances.

FARA recognized the impact of the social media reporting team and awarded them the international social media reporting certificate .

SMT reporting LIVE

Rwanda social media team represented Ypard Rwanda the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development! Empowering

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