Kepler Students: The way technology could be used for the development of Rwanda

17:01 PM 2018

In their challenge based learning, Kepler students, a University program in Rwanda in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University in the United States of America, worked on the project; “Improve Basic Technology Knowledge and Skills Among Youth Living in Gasabo”

In their research on the impact of technology in the development of Rwanda which was conducted in the district of Gasabo, they find that technology is helping our country to move faster in the development. This is due to some techniques which are helping people in their daily businesses such as the card ATM used to get money from banks wherever you are and whenever you want. There is also the card Tap and Go used in transportation and others.

About computer sciences, the knowledge that youth and others are getting is helping them to run new businesses such as Cyber café rooms, studios, and many more. Youth are getting this knowledge due to the project “One Laptop Per Child” which helped some of the schools in Rwanda to get laptops to use while learning technology skills.

Some of the challenges that need to be addressed in this field is the fact that some of the youth are still using this technology in a bad way such as watching pornographic movies and follow some groups and people which could destroy their minds on social media. For this, these students give advices to youth that they could use the technology skills and devices they have in enhancing their skills and getting many opportunities which are online such as scholarships, internships, fellowships, and even jobs. They gave an example of a Facebook page called OpportunitiesforAfricans which updates youth about many opportunities.

Challenge Based Learning (CBL) is a learning where Kepler students analyze different problems their communities are facing and think of the ways of addressing them.

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