IRO to pervert young people’s perceptions in ICT

05:39 AM 2017

Friday 21, October 2017, in partnership with Kepler Kigali, Jumia food, and VugaTv, IRO (Igire Rwanda Organization) handed over certificates to 9 girls who have been learning more about computer basic skills for the last 4 months at Kepler tech lab.

The girls were officially awarded during the workshop organized by IRO called “Building Personal brand via social media” where guests speakers revealed how productive social media can be used to improve individual image.
Mbanda Innocent the CEO and founder of IRO portrayed that he came up with this idea to encourage youth to be problem solvers for themselves as the main way of tackling unemployment.

“I come up with this idea in 2015 after analyzing how Rwandan youth are not using the skills and talents they have to solve the problems we are facing in our community. I decided to come up with the idea to mobilize youth to be the problem solver instead of waiting for other to solve their problems especially unemployment which is the main issue among youth”.

Innocent added that during the project, they trained 21 girls who dropped out of the school and others who did not continue their high school although only 9 of them managed to graduate. They were trained about basic computer skills such as (Microsoft word, excel, power point, internet search, effective use of social media and other related to the computer literacy).

He also said that their partners were very much supportive as Kepler Tech Lab offered advance computer skills like programing and web design and Jumia Food gave internship to all graduates the opportunity that they could have not got if they were not part of the training.

Talking about the challenges, Innocent stated that insufficient materials and low financial capacity of beneficiaries caused some to drop out the training.
“We faced a lot of challenges as we received many girls who were interested in our project at the beginning but due to few computers we could not allow all of them to attend the program. Again got some dropouts because they could not afford their transportation to our training center at Kepler University. We are trying to find a way we can get sponsors, work with the partners and or how we can work with girls who are close to the training center even if we feel like it’s like limitations to other, but we will decide as team which is more effective”

Louise Ingabire, one of the graduates from Igire Rwanda Organization from Kimironko sector expressed her gratitude from what they learned and how it will change their life in the future.
“We have really gained different skills in ICT and entrepreneurship and professional competencies that will help us to be strong and good women in the future, for the communities and the whole country in general. For example, how to write professional emails, time management, formulation of business ideas, and how we can be good entrepreneurs, we really appreciate everyone who contributed to this project towards success”.

IRO started in 2015, and this project of Girls in ICT has been learning in the last six months and they are expecting to havecomputer mobile school that can move all over the country so that they be able to share those skills to youth especially rural areas where having access to the computer is great issue.

Igire Rwanda organization (IRO) a non-profit organization that founded by Kepler students completed its first projected dubbed “Girls for ICT” which professionally shaped 9 graduates with ICT basic skills and entrepreneurship.


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