Internet Society celebrates 25-year anniversary at Huye -University of Rwanda Innovation Hub

19:16 PM 2017

Airtel Rwanda in partnership with Internet society a non-profit organization founded to provide leadership in Internet-related standards, yesterday celebrated 25-year anniversary at the University of Rwanda (UR) – Huye Innovation Hub.

Kigali Rwanda. September 20th, 2017.In a bid to encourage the use of internet among university students,
The anniversary held open discussions that called upon students to use and know the importance of internet for education purposes. During the discussions students were also encouraged to exploit the innovation hub to give more life to their ideas, especially that the government has put emphasis on developing ICT infrastructure and spearheading the ICT agenda in the country. Speaking at the event, Internet society representative in Rwanda, Nicolas Berwasaid, “we are glad to be celebrating our 25-year anniversary at the University of Rwanda. We are not celebrating only milestones but we are here to uplift student’s capacity by encouraging them to use internet to enhance their experience while they pursue their education”

Airtel Rwanda representative Micheline Umulisa also urged students to be adventurous when using the internet in order to rip big out of it education wise, emphasizing that the UR Innovation hub was put in place for them to be able to grow their ideas and provide home grown solutions.
“Internet is one of the most important networks to provide information and communication to ever have been invented. Information is before you by just a click of a finger and is capable of changing your life by enabling you with whatever knowledge you may wish to acquire, emphasized Jean De Dieu

Huye – UR students did also express the willingness to learn from the open discussions highlighting that the Innovation Hub launched early this year has been of great assistance as for as research for their studies is concerned.

“We lacked a great environment with fast internet to sit and research for our course works before Airtel came here to launch the innovation hub – now we can freely come to the hub and use the computers that are fully connected to fast internet. Research has been easier”, commented Vianney Jean Marie a second year student.

“I like this Innovation Hub because it’s such a convenient and comfortable place to sit and do your course works. The environment is calm with less distractions. We like the place”, Mukesha Sandrine, a student said.


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