grow up the digital styles and technology across African continent

05:42 AM 2015

Transform Africa second edition 2015 was hosted by Rwanda from October 19, 2015. The main topic of this edition was to grow up the digital styles and technology across African continent.

The second edition of Transform Africa Summit in Kigali, which closed on Wednesday Oct 21,2015, has involved more than 2,500 participants from more than 80 countries and 80 firms to deliberate on how to advance a more digital Africa.

The delegation said that there will be more smart devices and solutions that will facilitate across the continent. Binbrek Shyma, the head of strategy and business evolution at Tigo-Rwanda, said “telecom companies are pushing for lower and cheaper smart phones across the entire continent to further increase the number of people experiencing digital lifestyles.” He continued saying that smart devices will help the continent for more innovations as it is estimated that before next decade, 70 per cent of African will be connected to smart devices which will present massive opportunities for innovation.Jeff Gasana, the co-founder of SMS Nation, however, said as businesses pursue the emerging opportunities, it will be important for regulators to step in to ensure that the revenue share between telecom firms and content developers is fair. He cited examples where the business models developed telecom companies receive more than 70 per cent of revenue share while content developers received less.

Transform Africa will result into development in use of technological devices across African continent as the measures taken from the summit so as to make smart Africa.

source: Newtimes

Written by Evariste Nizeyimana


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