Young lady Lydia Uwera crowned after winning Yeejo music contest Season 2 (Photos/Video)

04:19 AM 2017

“Lydia” Uwera was announced as a winner of singing competition which was organized by Yeejo on 8th December 2017.

Lydia Uwera a young lady and a university student in year 1 from Kigali was crowed the winner on Friday 8th at Kimisagara Youth center among 6 final contestants who exhibited their live solo music performance before the judges so as to find out this year Yeejo vocal show off competition champion organized by Yeejo limited.
In the sweet live performance all artists showed their talents with quality in term of performance with the support of Kinga Blues a renowned band from Burundi that helped them to make their scenes more attractive.
Six upcoming singers participated in these competition of which was held at Kimisagara youth center. all contestants performed Live Music on the stage and judges were present to mark.

The winner was prized to learn music with band which namely Kinga Blue within 3 months, having trips with Wilson Tours as one of competition sponsor and German class A1 scholarship at Goette institute.
Lydia revealed her tremendous joy after getting triumph among six other performers. Additionally, she emphasized on using all the opportunities she has got to bump up her music career as well as devoting English skills in tourism as her current studies she is following.

Talking to Yeejo.rw, Lydia Uwera the winner expressed her gratitude and joy she had after winning the competition. He said that although the competition was tough, but she tried her best to show up her talent and she will never stop until her music career reach higher level.
“I am extremely happy to have won Yeejo The Vocal competition season two , May God be glorified. Actually, the competition was tough as all performers are talented. We all had equal chance to win but today I was the best to show high quality performance. This is really a motivation, I am not going to stop music, but I will invest all my energy to as to take to it to the next level.”

Jean Baptiste Nyabyenda, Yeejo limited managing director a company that organizes this youth music competition said that they intention is being achieved as years go on so as to put Rwandan music who do not have enough opportunity to portray their talents to the public as well as be connected to sustainable livelihood opportunities.
Lydia who got victory got many rewards such as getting opportunity of working with Kinga blues band, three months’ music production scholarship, German language class scholarship offered by Goethe institute, starting business using Solar kiosk from Shiriki ARED and Tember u Rwanda free travel.

The first run up Aimble Nshimiyimana known as Aimablo is a graduate from Nyundo school of art was awarded to record an audio song for free by KFTV Rwanda (Kigali Film and Television Rwanda). Pascal Solo who is also one of goal keepers of Amagaju FC one of first division football teams also contested and he was got the third place. This one got a piano class scholarship for one year offered by International Youth Fellowship Rwanda.

Lydia Uwera has been singing in worship team in Zion temple however, she never found it difficult to upheave the big crowd when she was on the stage. Further, Lydia performed Nigerian song “I know who I am” by Sinach in marvelous tone which made judges to call her a winner.

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