Umutesi Jolly started to act out her promises to Rwandans

13:22 PM 2016


Miss Jolly gave the check worth 3,000,000 issued at COGEBANK.

Miss Jolly said that she thought of helping the poor with health insurance because living healthy is the main root of development.” As we all know development varies with welfare, that’s why I chose to provide people with insurance to help them develop starting in health area. I started with Karongi as the area I represented in Miss Rwanda contest so, charity begins at home.” Jolly said.

Mutangana Frederic (Represents Karongi) and Miss Jolly exchanged the check.
Rwagasana Ernest on the side of COGEBANK which was the sponsor of Miss Rwanda, said that it is worth supporting the action like this. Mutangana Frederic representing Karongi district was the one to be handed over the check. He said that this shifts the percentage of health insurance to 80%


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