Titie, female musician has hallucinations of representing Rwanda abroad.

00:14 AM 2016

Titie is proudly Rwandan citizen and 22 years old holder at the moment. During the phone interview Eejo.rw conducted with her, she revealed her elongated journey in music and how she is crafting her imminent life styles. She said that she started in her carrier in Sauti music band, and later after she started her solo carrier.
“Actually I started my music in the around 2014 in the band called SAUTI BAND, then after getting experience I started my solo carrier”. Titie uttered. She said again that she have already released many different songs.
“My released songs are Cher, Siwe, Dance with me and I can’t wait. My music carrier is developing as the way I am releasing songs is more advanced compared to the past” Titie illustrated.

Dance with me an other hit song she featured with Ugandan super star Vampino.
When asked about the challenges, lack of abundant financial bulk toped her enumerated music thwarts as so many artists in Rwanda even in the whole Africa. “Of course I have meet many challenges like lack of capacity (money), but right now the situation is somehow changing because I have got some sponsors who perceive future success in me.” She analogically expressed. She again said that whenever she listens to her songs she praises God because he gave her that talent and feel like tomorrow she will gain constructive achievements.

"Niwe" one of the hits collabo song with Peace.
Due to different feedback she gets from her friends, family members, and so many other people who encourage her a lot, she believes that she will never give up in case she is still alive. Titie is preparing herself to put to the end a couple of albums by next two years which might give her the opportunity to show the whole world that Rwandan females are potent and ambitious. “I plan to have two finalized albums in order that I might one time represent my country outside so that they can also know how Rwandan women have potential because I normally think that if I achieve this goal it will impact positively many Rwandan youths as they will be motivated from what I do and even get encouraging inspirations” she cautioned.
Her direct message to Rwandan youths is to stick on their goals and try their best to achieve them though they might face challenges as nothing comes from nothing, being successful requires energy and hard working.

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