Things Fall apart between Rick Ross and Diamond Platnumz

03:29 AM 2018

Rick Ross, an American and international Star surprised people by removing all the pictures of Diamond Platnumz on his Instagram for reasons that he did not want to reveal.
The two men sang together the song called Wakawaka even though Rick Ross did not show the will to publish this song.

The two men also work together in the advertisement of Belaire drink after choosing Diamond last year while choosing the other two stars to help in the advertisement of this drink. The two stars came to work with Rick Ross who sang with Diamond the song Wakawaka shot in Miami in December last year.
In this time, there is no Diamond’s pictures appearing on the Instagram wall of this American star unless the ones of Huddah Monroe who work together withthemin the advertisement of Belaire.
Until now, it is not known if what happened has a relationship with removing Diamond on the list of these stars who advertise this drink as Diamond is still quiet on this case.

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