The Amazing Transformation of Michael Jackson’s Face Over the Years

16:46 PM 2016

Check out this timeline that shows the way he changed according to Viralinks.info

1. Teenage MJ

This is the original Michael without any changes, in his young teenage years. At this point he is still in the early stages of his fame.

2. 20s MJ

This is what MJ looked like a few years later when he was in his 20s, when his hits “Thiller” and “BAD” were being released. He had a little bit of work done at this point, but not much.

3. Thriller MJ

This was the look he was sporting shortly after “Thriller” came out and it became his signature hairstyle.

4. The New MJ

Over the next few years Michael started to change his appearance – a lot. His skin became lighter and his nose changed into a completely different shape.

5. Addicted to Plastic Surgery

Michael started to become addicted to altering his appearance, which turned him into an almost unrecognizable version of himself.

6. Plastic MJ

Michael Jackson claimed that he wasn’t having plastic surgery and that the changes were due to a rare skin condition, but it’s pretty easy to see where alterations have been made.

7. Porcelain Doll

After a while Michael started to look like a strange porcelain doll, a look so drastically different than his original face.

8. Final MJ

This photo was taken not long before his death. It’s amazing to see how much his looks transformed over the years.

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