Safi Madiba cried on his Instagram after the death of his father in music

03:28 AM 2018

The Rwandan artist, former Urban Boyz member, Safi Madiba cried after getting the bad news about the death of Mozey Radio who sang in Good Life. He says that this singer was the one who inspired him to enter in his musical career.

Through his Instagram, Safi Madiba tried to explain how he started his musical career after knowing how Mozey Radio sings which means that he is his father in this career.
His message says that Safi was really angry, he did not accept that this death was a reality. He said that the world is not fair. Before he entered his career, he listened to Radio’s music and it is from this that he got an inspiration to begin his career. He said that he take Radio as a king of chorus of all the time.

He added that he remembered while working on the song Pete Kidole Radio helped them while they were asking them much money, $ 2,000. The artist was confused thinking why is this artist who died. He ended by saying that only God knows why, and that this singer was a hero in African music and that he contributed in Rwandan musical industry. he also wished this singer to rest in peace.

Mozey Radio died on 1st February 2018 after being beat in the night of 22nd January 2018 while he was in the bar known as De Bar in Entebbe. He was beat by a bouncer of that bar.

Radio and Weasel who sang together in Good Life sang together with different Rwandan artists including Tom Close in the song Mama w’abana, Urban Biyz in the song Pete Kidole, Bruce Melody in the song Music, DJ Pius in Play it again and others.

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