Philippines’ Miss Universe welcomed home in contentment spectacle

09:05 AM 2016

The 26-year-old model, looking regal in a flowing blue-green gown, waved the Philippine flag while perched on a float designed in the fashion of the competition winner’s diamond and sapphire crown that she was wearing.

It was joyful in Phillipine.
The adoring crowd, many of whom stepped out of their offices and schools, jammed Manila’s streets and snapped photos of only the third Filipina to win the Miss Universe title. The New York-based Miss Universe pageant is particularly popular in the Philippines, a former US colony.

The Philippine-German Wurtzbach is poised for a successful career in entertainment. She told AFP in an interview on Sunday that she had her eyes set on a Hollywood career. Wurtzbach, was a small-time television actress in the Philippines before her breakthrough moment. Her week-long homecoming also includes courtesy calls on parliament and on President Benigno Aquino, a 55-year-old bachelor whom she was rumored to have dated briefly.

She was strongly supported by many Philippine people.


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