Niyitegeka Gratien ( Seburikoko, Sekaganda) to combine films and music

11:45 AM 2016

Gratien also known as Seburikoko, a great comedian. (Photo internet )
The multi-talented man, Film actor, poet, teacher, theatre player and so forth said that he discovered another talent of singing hidden with in him. He talked to the media and said that his name reached far but want to put it further through music and that he knows what to do.” I am a teacher, film actor, and I am to engage the power in my music, I know what to do in this field to get fame.” He said.

Besides playing the most comic roles in the film, his poems also helped him get the number of audience. One of his popular poems is” Imana mu rubanza.” His first song is now out by the name “MAMA.”

source: Umuseke.com


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