Miss Rwanda: The one who was defeated in East was even defeated in Kigali and the Twins passed

03:58 AM 2018

Miss Rwanda: The one who was defeated in East was even defeated in Kigali, Twins beat many.
In the first competition which wanted ladies to represent the town of Kigali, the last place, it ends with a failure of a lady who was defeated in East. In this competitions, there are twins which continued the competition.

Among 16 ladies who participated in this competition in the town of Kigali, 7 of them are the ones who continued for the next step.

As it was done in the past years, a girl who failed in one province used to succeed in another one even though IREBE Natasha things did go well for her as she was defeated in the East and in Kigali too. In these eliminations of 27th January, there are twins, something which was not usual, and they were both able to continue for the next step.
All the girls as they are 35 were selected from all the provinces will take their identities and go in another elimination which will select 20 of them to go in the final step which will end up giving Miss Rwanda 2018.
Girls representing the town of Kigali are;
1. TETA Shalon (No 1)
2. KAYIREBWA Marie Paul (No 8)
3. UWONKUNDA Belinda (No 9)
4. UWASE Teta Anita (No 10)
5. INGABIRE Belinda (No 15)
6. UMUTONI Belise (No 12)
7. UMUHOZA Karen (No 5)

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