Miss Rwanda 2018 contestants are facing easy questions

02:30 AM 2018

During 2018 miss Rwanda selections, contestants are facing astonishing questions of which they were not aware of before.

Normally, the contestants should be having knowledge, beauty as well as being good at culture. These aspects are all portrayed through the questions judges ask them as they get marked depending on how they handle queries out.

Auditions have been done in both Northern and Western province, therefore they are now heading to Southern province on 20th January 2018, Eastern province, Kigali city respectively.

Here are some amazing questions the contestants faced in both Northern and western province.

.Do you have a boyfriend?
.Do you like adventure?
.What will you do when you become crowned miss Rwanda 2018?
.What do you like in Rwandan culture?
.What do you know about Made-in Rwanda program?

The representatives picked up in western province are: Fiona Uwase, Chanelle Isimbi, Belyse Gacukuzi, Alliance Uwimbabazi, Nina Neema and Lilian Iradukunda. On the other hand, the representatives picked in Northern province are: Shamim Irene, Paul Umutoniwase, Belly stecy Ishimwe, Natasha Ursul Irebe, Linda Umuhoza and Divine Ingabire.

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